• Workshop or on-site services

    Calibration and periodic verification of oil product measuring systems

    Laboratory servicesOn-site services
    Workshop or on-site services
  • Mobile pipe prover mounted on trailer truck

    Calibration / periodic verification operation on liquid measuring system fitted to pipeline or LPG tanker

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    Mobile pipe prover mounted on trailer truck
  • On-site prover calibration

    Specialised service in calibration and tank capacity verification of standards on metering stations

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    On-site prover calibration
Prestations pour OIL

Services for OIL

Calibration or periodic verification in workshop or on crude oil producing sites, in Onshore or Offshore oil refineries and oil storage depots

Prestations pour GPL

Services for LPG

On site periodic calibration of measuring systems with the mobile pipe prover (piston mounted on trailer truck).

Prestations en laboratoire

Laboratory services

Calibration and verification directly in our workshop in Vitrolles with water, hydraulic fluids or a kerosene equivalent

Industrial legal metrology

Specialized in the calibration or periodic verification of oil products measuring systems

Workshop or on-site services

Onshore and Offshore services all over the world with mobile standards or in our laboratory equipped with calibration rings

Maintenance and repair

LNE certification for the initial verification after repair of measuring systems

SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie

  • Regulatory controls and application of markings related to periodic and primitive verifications after repair of measuring systems for liquid petroleum gas, alcohols and special industrial fluids
  • Maintenance and upkeep of industrial plants

The company is accredited COFRAC ISO 17025 No. 2-1948, COFRAC ISO 17020 No. 2-1922 and is MASE certified.

Whatever the technical act: maintenance, calibration or tank capacity verification – SGM is your unique contact.

SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie is approved by DIRECCTE to perform periodic verification of measuring systems for liquids other than water (EMLAE) in the following fields of activities:

  • LPG measuring systems installed on tankers
  • Measuring systems on oil pipelines or for loading and unloading of ships
  • Industrial measuring systems
  • Measuring systems for alcohol

SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie is also a LNE certified company for repair services in these fields.

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