Calibration in laboratory workshop

Calibration of your measuring instruments in laboratory

SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie provides calibration and verification services directly in its workshop in Vitrolles.
We have at our disposal several calibration rigs to measure flowmeters (mass, vortex, electromagnetic), volumetric meters and turbines.
We can provide these services with water, hydraulic fluids or a kerosene equivalent.

Type of material controlled

  • Volumetric meter
  • Turbine
  • Mass, electromagnetic, vortex flowmeter

Calibration facilities

  • STN 50 and 150 calibration stations
    • COFRAC certified compact prover
    • Pilot turbines (controlled by our compact prover)
    • COFRAC certified 20 to 1,000l tank provers
    • Flow rate: 0 to 150 m³/h
    • Calibration fluid: water
  • Omnitrak MT 50 calibration station
    • COFRAC certified compact prover
    • Flow rate: 0.01 to 290 l/min
    • Calibration fluids: water, kerosene equivalent, hydraulic fluid with a viscosity
      of 3 to 200 cSt


  • Calibration
  • Verification
  • Adjustment


  • COFRAC certified standard
  • Calibration performed on fluids with a viscosity equivalent to the fluids you use
  • SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie is your unique contact, whatever the technical act, for metrology – calibration – or maintenance