SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie

Subsidiary of the Endress+Hauser company

The company, located in Vitrolles and directed by Mr Alain Lagrace, provides services in the field of metrology.
It is specialised in calibration and periodic verification of measuring systems for oil products.

SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie is specialised in:

  • Regulatory controls and application of markings related to periodic and primitive verifications after repair of measuring systems for liquid petroleum gas, alcohols and special industrial fluids
  • Maintenance and upkeep of industrial plants

The services provided can be performed in the workshop in Vitrolles, on oil producing sites (Onshore or Offshore), in refineries and on distribution sites.

“At the present time, we provide these services in countries such as Congo, Gabon, Morocco,… Thanks to our mobile provers, we are capable of operating everywhere! ”

A. Lagrace

SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie is certified as a repairer by the LNE, COFRAC accredited  ISO 17025 n°2-1948, COFRAC ISO 17020 n°3-1461* and MASE certified.

SGM is approved by the D.I.R.E.C.C.T.E. to carry out the periodic control of measuring systems for liquids other than water (E.M.L.A.E) in the following areas:

  • LPG measuring systems installed on tank trucks
  • Industrial measuring equipments
  • Measuring equipments on pipelines or for loading and unloading vessels
  • Measuring systems for aircraft refueling
  • Measuring equipments for alcohol.

* Scope of accreditation available at

Société Générale de Métrologie, a unique contact for metrology and maintenance.

  • A team of experts with 25 years of experience
  • Flexibility and adaptation to any installation everywhere in the world
  • Approved methodologies by local authorities (France, Morocco, Gabon, Congo,…)
  • On-site issuance of a calibration certificate with uncertainty calculation
  • Compliance of services to API standards