Midstream : Refining and transport LPG

Calibration of your LPG measuring instruments on SEVESO sites

Our metrology technicians are specialised in the calibration / verification of measuring systems installed on pipelines on SEVESO sites.

More information on custody transfers of LPG.

Our equipment can be adapted to all on-site installation configurations capable of accommodating a semi-trailer.

Type of material controlled

  • Turbines
  • Volumetric meters
  • Mass, vortex flowmeters

Calibration facilities

  • Compact prover on trailer truck
  • Articulated connecting arms adaptable to any type of installation
  • Command control cabin
  • Output range for turbines, mass, vortex, electromagnetic flowmeters: from 0.4 to 400 m³/h
  • Output range for volumetric meters: from 0.4 to 230 m³/h
  • Product temperature from -30°C to +100°C
  • Pressure up to 50 bar


  • Calibration / periodic and primitive verification after repair
  • Application of a green sticker: certification of validity for one year
  • Compliance with metrology booklet
  • Compliance with TEC (Type Examination Certificate)
  • Validity of the periodic review
  • Compliance of plates and markings


  • SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie can calibrate / verify any kind of meter or flowmeter
  • Thanks to our mobility we prevent measuring systems from being stopped and we can calibrate / verify the material under usual conditions of process
  • Optimized organization with planned interventions
  • Immediate sanction / Validity of periodic verification
  • Experienced and independent team
  • MASE certified service provider
  • SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie is your unique contact, whatever the technical act, for metrology – calibration and verification – or maintenance