Calibration of spring loading arms in oil depots

New mobile calibration rig equipped with a Coriolis mass flowmeter

SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie operates on oil depots, refineries and distribution and sales centers.

Our metrology technicians are qualified for operating initial and periodic verifications, maintenance of measuring systems for liquids other than water. Traditionally, the verification of a loading arm requires that it is in a standstill and the use of a tank prover. This involves the whole loading station being immobilized during several hours, risks related to the handling of oil products (mixing, spreading…), and additional energy consumption (pumps).

We have designed a brand new mobile system equipped with a Coriolis mass flowmeter that makes it possible to perform calibration in the same time of loading a truck. This method is much more simple, efficient, economic and faster!

Type of equipment checked

  • Any spring loading station or equivalent
  • Volumetric meter
  • Mechanical turbine
  • Mass, vortex, electromagnetic flowmeter


  • Time saving: calibration is performed while truck is being loaded, so no operation loss.
  • No necessary treatment for the fluid to return in the storage tank: the truck tank is used as a container. The truck leaves with the product.
  • No risk of mixing because the product is loaded directly into the truck (no risk of wrong routing of return lines).
  • No additional energy consumption, as it is performed during the loading of the truck, it avoids the use of two pumps (loading and unloading of tank prover).

Services provided

  • Periodic verifications, installation of a green sticker
  • Repair and initial verification after repair
  • Intermediate verifications at the request of the customer

Technical specifications

  • Standard: Endress+Hauser flowmeter, direct measurement of fluid mass and density, both of metrological scope
  • Flow rate from 10 to 150 m3/h

  • Pressure from 1.5 to 10 bar

  • Required volumes:
    – 3,000 liters for high flow and
    – 1,000 liters for small flow

  • Self-sufficient (batteries) and ATEX

The mobile rig in details

  • Flowmeter meeting the requirements of the regulations and having an EU type examination certificate for commercial transaction
  • A coupler, an adapter, a valve, instrumentation

  • A mobile structure easy to operate and to move around

SGM – Société Générale de Métrologie is certified as a repairer by the LNE, COFRAC accredited ISO 17025 n°2-1948, COFRAC ISO 17020 n°3-1461* and MASE certified.

SGM is approved by the D.I.R.E.C.C.T.E. to carry out the periodic control of measuring systems for liquids other than water (E.M.L.A.E) in the following areas:

  • LPG measuring systems installed on tank trucks
  • Industrial measuring equipments
  • Measuring equipments on pipelines or for loading and unloading vessels
  • Measuring systems for aircraft refueling
  • Measuring equipments for alcohol.

* Scope of accreditation available at